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What’s Next? Ep. 9: An Introspective Look on Players of Color with Brandi Cannon

On this episode of What’s Next, Jackie Ross sits down with US Quidditch Event Hospitality Coordinator Brandi Cannon to discuss her idea for a project surrounding players and community members of color and her general feelings about the quidditch community as a longstanding member.

Brandi started her quidditch career in Texas in 2010 at Sam Houston State University. She now lives in New York City after attending Columbia University to earn her master’s degree. Along the way, she joined the then-IQA’s volunteer staff as a Texas State Rep, and remained with USQ through its transition and dissolution of the State Rep department in the hospitality wing of the events department. In addition to being an all around organizational wizard, she is the proud mom to two adorable kittens, Ladyslipper and Vantablack.

Brandi Cannon
Brandi Cannon. Photo credit: Alicia Norman

Project Implicit: Implicit Association Test (IAT)
Roxane Gay: Bad Feminist

Ladyslipper and Vantablack
Ladyslipper and Vantablack. Photo credit: Brandi Cannon

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