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What’s Next? Ep. 5: The Male Perspective on Feminism in Quidditch with Joey Galtelli

On this episode of What’s Next, Jackie Ross is joined by the former captain of the Southern Storm and current QC Dallas player Joey Galtelli to discuss the male perspective on feminism.

Joey Galtelli originally hails from the South region but now lives in Dallas, TX with his wonderful wife Zoe, their rabbit, and dog. His playing history includes Winthrop University, Southern Storm, and now plays for QC Dallas. Joey has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Winthrop University and a Master’s in Human Resource Management from the University of South Carolina.  Joey has had a variety of leadership roles and we talk about how he has utilized or underutilized that role to help advocate for non-male players on his team.

Joey Galtelli
Joey Galtelli. Photo credit: Katrina Bynum

Joey was a part of a campaign called “Hi, Jackie” organized by an earlier guest (Katrina Bynum) to help make Jackie feel less homesick when she missed a South Regionals while living in WA. It is confirmed that Jackie cried when she saw all of the pictures.

Google Doc: Post-season Southen Storm Survey
Video: Powerful Presentations by Melissa Marshall

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