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Off the Pitch Ep. 13: USQ Volunteer Roundtable with Mary Kimball, Christian Barnes, and Miles Travis

Cover image by Marissa Hondros

This week, Michael sat down with USQ Executive Director Mary Kimball, Northeast Regional Coordinator (among many, many other things) Christian Barnes, and Referee Team Lead Miles Travis to discuss volunteering with USQ. This one is a bit different from the Breakers roundtable though – because of COVID restrictions and the difficulty of scheduling a time that works in three different time zones, each interview was recorded separately and stitched together in post.

*Editor’s note: Christian’s audio gets a bit garbled during the part about Rochester from about 48:45-49:45. It’s intelligible enough that the information can still be understood, and it’s valuable insight into the nation-wide issue of “unpopular” bid locations.


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