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What’s Next? Ep. 11: Equity Within Ethnic and Gender Diversity in Quidditch with Ema Shiroma-Chao and Yara Kodershah

This week, Team Canada and Team Hong Kong beater Ema Shiroma-Chao and current Toronto Raiders’ coach Yara Kodershah join Jackie Ross to give a northern perspective on the quidditch community and discuss their experiences and thoughts about equity and inclusivity within the sport.

Ema started playing in 2009 with McGill Quidditch when the old IQA still existed. From there, she went on to play with Queens in Kingston before returning to Montreal to play with their university team. She has played for Team Canada twice, Team Hong Kong, and MLQ’s Ottawa Black Bears. Ema now lives in St. John’s where there is no quidditch which is a huge bummer.

Ema Shiroma-Chao and friends
Ema Shiroma-Chao (in the ref jersey). Photo credit: Alexis CG

Yara started playing quidditch in 2014 for the Edmonton Aurors, which makes Ema and Jackie feel very old. She moved to Toronto in 2015 and started playing more competitively for Valhalla quidditch, where she still plays today. This summer season, Yara is coaching MLQ’s Toronto Raiders. She started serving on Quidditch Canada’s board in 2017 and currently supports their communications department as a staff member.

Yara Kodershah
Yara Kodershah. Photo credit: Jelissa Kollaard Quidditch Photography

Okay definition of anti-racism/anti-oppression: The philosophy and practice of actively naming and combating racism and oppression as it manifests in our day to day lives.

Map of Canada
Larger version

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