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What’s Next? Ep. 6: MLQ and Increasing Gender Equity Within the Sport with Lisle Coleman

On this episode of What’s Next, Jackie Ross discusses Major League Quidditch and increasing gender equity within the sport with MLQ Human Resources Director Lisle Coleman.

Lisle started her quidditch career in 2012 playing for the University of Rochester while in undergrad where she eventually served as captain and as a member of the team’s executive board. After graduating in 2015, she joined the MLQ team the Rochester Whiteout, and a year later joined the governing body as their HR director.

Lisle Coleman. Photo credit: unknown

She earned a Bachelor’s in Public Health and Anthropology, and after college worked with Americorps and learned about capacity building. She now works as an intake coordinator at the Bivona Child Advocacy Center, which delivers excellence in child sexual abuse response, healing, and prevention through collaborative service, awareness, education, and leadership.

Athlete Ally Learning Tool: ‘Champions of Inclusion: An Online Course for Coaches and Athletic Leaders on LGBTQ Inclusion in Athletics’
Lisle’s email: humanresources@mlquidditch.com

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