FBI Roundtable: NorCal by Northwest

By Elizabeth Barcelos, Mitch Hatfield, and Marissa Hondros

It’s probably too early in the season to responsibly predict the outcome of NorCal by Northwest, so our craft beer drinking, third wave coffee shop frequenting, resident hipster Elizabeth Barcelos asked the FBI staff about what really matters most in a Portland-based tournament: which #NCxNW team has the most hipster cred?


Bay Area Breakers

Duran Allison, Andrew Covel, and John Vong may have been on different USQ teams last season, but you canNaut deny that they have chemistry. (Or beautiful hair, for that matter.) Photo credit: Michael Vong + Shirley Lu Photography

Liz Barcelos: New team, who dis? Can a brand new team even have hipster cred? Nah.

Mitch Hatfield: Branding game stronk, but is the sequel as good as the original? Like with a glass coffin, it remains to be seen.

Marissa Hondros: They have a Vong, two if you count Duran. I think that gives them a lot of cred. A sea spin on the Skrewts, I’m excited to see them debut in Rose City (but I’m biased).

California Dobbys

The Dobbys are one of only two teams with a perfect record at West Regionals 2018. Also, their cuddle puddle game is ON POINT. Photo credit: California Dobbys

Liz: With the demise of the Skrewts, the Dobbys are now NorCal’s oldest active community team. They’re based in Berkeley – the East Bay is arguably the Portland of the Bay Area – and the team is filled with 5+ year veterans like Sean Booker, McKayla Major (Cal Quidditch), Mari Fromstein (Tufts) and Gil Ortiz (SJSU). Mismatched socks are such a hipster aesthetic.

Mitch: I don’t know what it is about the Dobbys but I love them. And I have enjoyed seeing them improve over the years.

Marissa: I love those Dobbys. I once played with them for a few hours. They’re the definition of ~hella~

Silicon Valley Vipers

Alex Patel brings a magnificent mane and a summer of experience with the Argonauts to the last Silicon Valley team standing. Photo credit: Chris Rothery Photography

Liz: Sam Fischgrund is beyond being a quidditch hipster – he belongs in a museum. Alex Patel rocked a fierce man bun all summer with the Argonauts, so more points there. However, thanks to the Vipers’ strong recruiting ability, many of the rest of these players are bright and shiny new in comparison.

Marissa: I don’t get the hipster vibe here, but I also don’t know too much about them this season. We’ll find out soon!

Mitch: Raptors had a decent inter-regional rivalry going there with them for awhile. We’re 1-3 against them but all those games were in range.


Cascadia Quidditch

Who let Jake Chase? Photo credit: Tasha Kiri Photography

Liz: Newish team, but older players? This team has lots of veteran California quidditch players that moved to the PNW, like Cy and Ruthie Torrey-Stahl, Jake Malloy, and Marina Martinez, a hipster move if there ever was one. Joe Tran’s been playing since capes, so that’s a throwback. There’s also several Portland Augureys – you probably haven’t heard of them – on the squad, like Benji Grudner and Indigo Rambo.

Mitch: Portland is hipsterville of Oregon so…

Marissa: The Cascadia Quidditch Dank Boiz™️ are my NW loves. I would 5/7 house them again. Even Jake Malloy.

Rain City Raptors

Co-hosts Rain City Raptors are on the prowl and hunting down some early season statement wins against West teams they’ll likely face at the West/Northwest Super Regional. Photo credit: Elizabeth Barcelos Photography

Liz: Hey Mitch, can you confirm that Molly Bocian (aka best beater in the NW) is one of the oldest players in the region, period? I know that the Rain City Raptors are the oldest NW comm team, which definitely establishes some more hipster cred in my book.

Mitch: Can confirm both counts. Molly is old and Molly is #BestBeaterNW20Always. RCR has a handful of “Oldest Players in the NW” but Molly and Sarah Bollard are the oldest continuous players.

Also, a huge number of RCR players helped set the foundation that the Wyverns now build on so yeah and most of the vets have been playing since before quidditch was cool in the PNW.

Marissa: Raptors are fun, Raptors are old, I always enjoy seeing the Raptors grow year after year. They’re not hipster, but I’m excited to see them hunt this tournament!

Western Washington Wyverns

Real talk: The Wyverns played the Dobbys and Vipers last spring at Best Coast Classic 3, giving them an edge over their NW community counterparts. Photo credit: Elizabeth Barcelos Photography

Liz: Are these Gen Z kiddos beyond my 30something ability to classify? Probably. Can college kids even be hipster?

Mitch: Accurate beyond all measures, especially given that WWU is a hipster school. They’re the OG NW team, oldest NW Team, and 10/10 bestest kiddos. This team has been around since before quidditch was cool in the NW.

Marissa: M Y  C H I L D R E N. I have a soft spot for NW college players, as I used to be one. WWU and all their children will always have my heart. Also, #AbeTheBabe

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