West Coast Bias Ep. 8: Crimson Cup, Top of Utah, and Ryan Needs to Spend More Than $11 on Audio Cables

This week on West Coast Bias, Ryan Smythe completely misses the delivery on an opening joke before Elizabeth Barcelos talks about the West Region’s newest team, the Bay Area Breakers. We cover the two recent Utah tournaments, Crimson Cup and Top of Utah before discussing the Western Collegiate Conference, the new look Nomads and the gap between college and community teams, and the West Regions bid allocations for the 2018-2019 season.

Update on Anteater Quidditch from the team captains – unfortunately, the team’s schedule didn’t line up well with the WCC tournament schedule, at least partially because of the University of Irvine’s quarter system. The team will still be participating in the West Region as a whole, but this year didn’t work out for them to take part in the new collegiate conference.

In other news, Ryan’s continued experimentation with affordable XLR cables is going great (audio gets weird again at around 28:26). Don’t buy the VAlinks USB to XLR Microphone Converter Cable.

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