FBI Pool Party XXL: Community Coverage

We’re back again with our second annual Pool Party, this time covering the Community side of Nationals. We’re sad to say that this is the extent of our pre-tournament coverage, but due to a number of reasons outside of our control, we ran out of time to finish up our initial plans and our College coverage fell by the wayside.

That being said, we got ready for Nationals in the only way we know how – by talking out of our asses about the Community teams we’re going to see this weekend.

Pool A

Ryan Smythe, Lost Boys seeker and keeper Justin Fernandez, and Lost Boys chaser Kendrick Ushera-Surrell break down Pool A.

Pool B

Ryan Smythe and FBI Staff Writer Bruce Donnelly break down Pool B.

Pool C

Ryan Smythe, West Coast Bias cohost Liz Barcelos, and FBI contributor Mitch Hatfield break down Pool C.

Pool D

Ryan Smythe, FBI contributor Ali Markus, and MLQ’s Indianapolis Intensity chaser Devon McCoy break down Pool D.

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