Chris Daw Departs IQA

Former Canadian Paralympian and Quidditch Canada Executive Director Chris Daw is stepping down from his position as Chair of the International Quidditch Association’s Board of Trustees.

“Chris was able to offer the sport a lot in terms of international development and we are sad to see him go,” Rebecca Alley, Executive Director of the IQA, told FBI. “However, I understand that personal needs do take precedence over volunteering and am grateful for what he contributed, especially behind the scenes, during his time with the IQA. I look forward to continuing to advance the international development of the sport that he started in the coming years.”

During Daw’s time at the IQA, rumors circulated that he was difficult to work with. Similarly, some saw his response to public outcry over the controversy regarding a Quidditch World Cup 2016 volunteer as “deeply flawed and insensitive.”

Daw’s departure follows the recent addition of four new members to the IQA Board of Trustees: Alex Benepe, everyone’s quidditch dad; Luke Nickolds, a veteran member of Australian quidditch; Nicole Hammer, the interim IQA ED before Rebecca Alley’s appointment; and Andy Marmer, one of the founding members of the Quidditch Post.

You can read the IQA’s announcement here.

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