Hot Goss with RyRy & SG: QP CEOs Skeddadle

Smythe and SG get together and talk shit and perpetuate some gossip. Is it honorable? No. Do we have a good time? Yeah.

Sarah Goad: AhhAndy and Lindsay are stepping down from Quidditch Post. I am going to keep my lip buttoned on this one.

Ryan Smythe: What could you POSSIBLY be referring to? You’ve never once said anything about them, or your time at QP before in your entire Face Beat It career.

SG: Precisely. I’m a very polite public figure who avoids controversy at all costs. While I’ve said the things I’ve got to say regarding my past with Quidditch Post, I do think that Andy and Lindsay stepping down is extremely important if QP is going to have any kind of real future as a media outlet in our community. I respect and like them both greatly, but I disagree with their management styles, and I don’t believe they understand what is right for the sport at least right now.

RS: I can picture the future of QP now: fast forward 20 years, and quidditch has broken through to becomenot necessarily a mainstream sport, but bigger than ultimate and more respected than curling. QP thrives under its new leadership, but wait. What’s this? The new Editor-in-Chief is embroiled in a career-threatening sex scandal? *gasps from the audience* It’s all looking like a nightmare situation that QP may not be able to survive, at least not in a financially-viable form. The only course of action available to them is to hire a hotshot lawyer to defend themselves in court, and fight back against this ever-growing tide of public malcontent over the deviant sexual behavior of the then-currentand possibly soon-to-be-formereditor. Take a guess as to who their first call should go to.

SG: A lawyer? But wait! Didn’t someone at least currently within their fold take the bar exam? Hmm. Interesting.

All outrageous speculations aside, I think Quidditch Post is at a critical moment in its young life. I am terribly biased regarding this organization, but I do think it has the potential to offer great things based on the quality of some of its more outstanding staff members and the reach of its writers. While I disagree with the self-established label of “leading media outlet in the quidditch community”—or some warped variation thereof—QP does remain the only real source for international quidditch news, and that is inherently valuable. Who else is singlemindedly pursuing news about the development of the sport in countries that didn’t attend World Cup. I’ve known for a long time that discussing and bringing awareness to the international growth of quidditch is important even just domestically. QP should be commended for that.

QP’s leadership has displayed misguided decision-making and bad people management to say the least. I’m casually intrigued to see what will happen with someone new taking the “reigns.”

RS: This is going to be the first major change in quidditch media leadership, and I don’t want to reign on any outsider’s parade, but the smart money’s on an internal promotion. I doubt that kind of hire would go quite as poorly as our dearly departed Mr. Quinine’s tenure as USQ’s leader, but I would be very surprised if current members of QP didn’t rebel and form a new outlet out of a combination of spite and pride.

I still believe that our World Cup coverage was second to none, but I have to agree with you on the quality of QP’s international coverage. Whoever takes over should keep pushing to expand their reach and give exposure to those developing teams, because as we saw this year, there’s no reason not to believe that any team could make a medal run in 2018.

SG: I see what you did there. Cheeky. I think as much as we—historically, as a community, it seems—push for internal hires, internal promotions, I’m honestly not sure who would step into Andy and Lindsay’s shoes. Perhaps there is someone other than who would be my first choice who has been hired since I officially left the organization back in May who’s able to efficiently and capably lead, but—eh.

I’d urge them to consider Austin Wallace, who’s attempted to be a sound, reasoned mind in upper management for over a year. That said, he seems to be at the point in his career and is a talented enough athlete—he was on Team Canada, after all—where he prioritizes his athletic quidditch ambitions over his quidditch media ambitions. And who can fault him for that, really?

RS: I can. How dare he seek to better himself as an athlete and strive to put a medal around Canada’s neck in 2018. That selfish bastard.

But staying with World Cup for at least a moment, I feel like Australia beating the US may have been the best possible outcome, at least on an international level, for our sport. As fun as it may be to watch the US run through the rest of the world like the Juggernaut charging through a preschool, there’s finally blood in the water. Some of the top players in USQ put on the stars and stripes, but I don’t think that this team was the best one the committee could have assembled, both because they didn’t select certain people—*cough* Tyler Trudeau, Lulu Xu, Alex Browne *cough*—and because other people simply didn’t go out for the team because they had already won their gold in years past.

If Margo’s catch had been called good, then yes, the US would have had its scare, and the world could say that the finals were played in snitch range. This would have meant that there was the potential for an upset in the future, but it wouldn’t have been the same. Right now, Americans have already started training to reclaim the gold in two years, and I can only believe the rest of the world is doing the exact same thing. There’s the chance for legitimate competition across every continent, and I’m so fucking excited to see just how good players can become in two years.

Also, for everyone not already on it, I’m saving y’all a seat on the Belgian Bandwagon.

SG: *yawn* Blah blah blah, Smythe. Don’t you talk about anything but Northeast players and the World Cup catch?

In all seriousness, I am similarly excited to see the way this second-place medal motivates our country toward success. I’m sure there’s some kind of topical comparison I could draw here about Michael Phelps coming back to win gold or some shit, but god, that’d be fucking obnoxious, so I’m going to let it lie. I look forward to seeing USA reclaim its gold in 2018. Who knows? Maybe QP will still be around. If it is, I’m sure by then we’ll be getting a personal biography of each player and spectator.

RS: Rulebook 12 is going to look like a fucking pamphlet compared to what they will inevitably write.

SG: Hey, you said it.

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