You Can’t Wait to Read About Quidditch Canada’s Newest Sponsorship Deal

Photo Credit: Quidditch Canada’s official logo

By Serena Cheong

Quidditch Canada has recently announced its newest sponsor, Air Canada.

“We are proud to announce the biggest sponsorship deals in our sport’s young history,” Quidditch Canada Executive Director Chris Daw said in a press release earlier today. “We couldn’t be more excited to have Air Canada on board.”

In this much-anticipated partnership, Air Canada will be providing substantially heavy subsidies of up to $50 per flight to Canadian quidditch teams for their flights to Quidditch Canada’s yearly national championship. All official Quidditch Canada teams will be required to use the Air Canada company logo as their primary logo beginning in the 2017-18 season as part of this sponsorship deal.

Any teams unwilling to take part will be forced to drive to the national championship location, which will be announced later this year.

“I mean, what else can we do?” lamented one Canadian player, who asked FBI not to publish their name out of fear of retaliation. “This is probably the best deal we’ll ever get from Air Canada, and it’s not like we can fly on an American airline. Ugh.”

Quidditch Canada had announced earlier this year that it will be restricting the travel options of its members to only Canadian airlines as a means of encouraging long-term development and growth of quidditch within Canada.

At press time, both Quidditch Canada and Air Canada refused to acknowledge the existence of NewLeaf.

Editor’s note: The Cribbage Patch is satirical. Duh.


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